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Easy English Conversation – 1 Month
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Easy English Conversation – 1 Month

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Easy English Conversation – 1 Month


About this course

Greetings Asking about present activities Introducing

people Identifying people and things Closing

conversation Asking & giving opinion / permission / advice

Elaborating / Clarifying / Interrupting

Giving Instructions / Opinions

Checking and analyzing problems

Say about 'A typical working day'

Telephone Etiquettes

Talking about family

Making request

Expressing Gratitude / Probability

Expressing Necessity / Obligation

Stating Preference

Asking information

Expressing Surprise

Imagining Situations

Saying 'how often'

Feelings and Health

Time Management skills

Let's say 'You are going for an Interview'

Job Interview

Let's say 'You are going for an GD Tomorrow'

Paraphrases / Explanations

Writing letters

Writing business letters