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Easy English (Grammer | Written | Conversation)
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Easy English (Grammer | Written | Conversation)

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Easy English (Grammer | Written | Conversation)


About this course

Using a or an depends on the sound that begin with next word.

Use of 'the'

The errors in the use of Articles

Doing words

Naming words Describing words

How plurals are formed

Descriptive words

- Quality of person/things

- Colour of things

- Nature of places

Talking about Manner/Place/Time

The position words / Linking words

Action words

Relate words - words that show possessiveness and replacing nouns

Placement words, Helping verb

Habitual actions

Past form of action word

Simple future

Finished events connected with the present.

Let, Let us and Let him / them

'To' and '-ing' forms

Little and Few

Direct and Indirect


Join words - words that continue a sentence

Exclaim Words - words that show emotional sounds